Asymmetric warfare , Idol of the modern warfare at present


About Asymmetric War

Entering the current millenniums era , the world ‘s defense and strategy has entered a new phase , that is way or art of war which called by asymmetric warfare . The openness of the world’s public about the existence of asymmetric warfare is begin revealed and sticking when the world is crowded about War On Terror projects by United States , followed by political upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa as the Arab Spring movement successful devastated many countries . Asymmetric war is one other form of modern warfare that is multi-dimensional , covering the various layers of the life sector . A way to fight that is almost invisible to the perpetrator , weapon , goals and so on .

Non- conventional war or asymmetric ( Anti – Symmetric ) is one of the side opposite of conventional warfare or symmetrical . Asymmetric manner that doesn’t rely on full military power like war symmetrical . Symmetric and Asymmetric War sometimes complement each other or work together to win a battle in a fast tempo . Asymmetric warfare today has grown and developed into a phenomenon and popular method, its called SmartPower, this method is now a weapon for the giant capitalist country who want to conquering the target countries as the main alternative, but still using Symmetrical warfare or Hard Power for various reasons and considerations.

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